Why blog?

Chuck Wendig has advised that one should, on the internet, present the best self possible (paraphrasing, as I’m too lazy to look up the actual quotation. Oh, FINE: “Here’s how I market: I try to be the best version of myself.” It must be one of Chuck’s life rules, because I know I’ve read it in more than one post). It’s good advice, and it resonates. My approach in the past as to my internet personality has been the same as it is in person: escape unnoticed, and I will be free to observe others. But I’m finding, as I’m writing my novel, that I no longer want that. I want to stake a claim; I want to make my opinion known. I’m a pretty awesome person, if you want to know. But I’ve never felt that I had anything to prove. I still don’t, particularly; the difference is that now, I don’t have the same self-protective barriers that I did when I was younger. Blame it on being older and caring less about what other people think, or blame it on finding my voice.

I don’t have a niche, per se. I’m not writing a cooking blog: I don’t cook anymore, although I do know how, and I enjoy an occasional spin in the kitchen (but not if Michael, the husband, has recently dusted–he gets lemon Pledge all over the floor). It’s not a photography blog, although I’ll likely include pictures. It’s not a fashion blog, or a gossip blog. I love some celebrity gossip because I have a theory about it (I like gossip because it reads like fiction–it’s people I don’t know doing bigger-than-life things in one small town. Maybe more on this in a later post).

It’s going to be a blog of personality. I won’t always be entertaining, but my goal is always to be thoughtful. I want to think more about the world around me and set it to the music of prose that other people can read, as opposed to the soundtrack in my head. Things you will likely read about:

  • the progress of my novel;
  • squirrels and other fauna in my yard (it’s semi-rural and we don’t have cable–we watch the squirrels, turkeys, raccoons, and deer for our entertainment);
  •  the latest crafty thing I’m working on;
  • road trips and the like;
  • whatever stupid game I happen to enjoy;
  • movies (I don’t like watching stuff; I prefer more active forms of entertainment. That’ll be a post later, too);
  • books (but I do like to read);

and anything else that strikes me as interesting.

Why start blogging now? Because next week, I’m headed to Iowa for a session of the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, and then I’m headed to the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore. I’m going to have a lot to talk about. Because that’s eight days of vacation and four days of it will be spent alone in a car.

I can’t wait.

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